• Welcome

    Hello!! My name is Valentina Zamorano. I am a caring, passionate, and calm person !!.

    My favorite movies

    1. Roma
    2. 28 days
    3. Finding Dory

    Other things you should know about me

    My schedule for this year

    My Yearly Schedule
    Fall 2019 Spring 2020
    ITEC 1001 TBA
    PHED 1050 TBA
    RELN 1100 TBA
    MATH 2000 TBA
    CHEM 1151 TBA

    helloo!!! Have a great day!

    I would like to visit New York in the future. I have never been there but I heard there really nice and fun places to check out and have a good experience

    Time Activity
    Day 1 Go to a "Phantom of the Opera" show
    Day 2 Visit Tenement Museum
    Day 3 Visit the Empire State building

    My Favorite Meme

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